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Chuck Woodhams

One note on the developer's claim that he would move forward with Plan B (building out the property under current zoning, something the landowner hasn't done in the 20+ years he has owned it) I attended a Host Community Committee meeting recently where he was asked why not build the hotel and the other buildings but leave the big box out and he told all in attendance the project would not be economically viable without the big box as an anchor due to the costs of infrastructure and site work. Either those costs have suddenly changed in the last 2 weeks or he is telling two different stories. Take that for what it's worth.


Do you and your neighbors object to big box stores in principle or are there configurations which you would find acceptable?

Chuck Woodhams

Bob, you'd have to ask my neighbors. I don't want to speak for them. The first folks to start with would be the ones in the townhouses that would have this in their front yards. Personally, I think plopping a big box retail store down in the middle of a big hunk of land doesn't show much imagination on the part of the developer and a creative, attractively designed development would have been much better received.


As usual proponents of this rezoning are misinforming the public of the true location of the property. The access to the residential parcels up for rezoning is entirely on Madison Street, not "off the corner".

I would also like someone from the Wrentham EDC to explain exactly how developing residential parcels of land on a rural street are going to "pave the way" for future development along route 1.

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