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Friday, May 20, 2011


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Carolyn Flaherty

I have been reading everything I can on the exclusion but have been unable to attend meetings due to my work and family schedule. As such, the questions I don't really understand are... Are we promised that the increased revenues will go to school and public safetety and in what proportion? Are we being ensured that the serviceds being threatened such as trash collection, busing etc. will be safe if we vote yes (at least for the period the exclusion lasts)? What are the predicted classroom sizes if we vote yes? What services and positions are we saving? Can the town bait and switch the allocation of additional revenue and how will this be monitored? What exactly are we "buying" with this tax increase? Do people realize that as written above this is NOT a one year tax but will last until the debt is eliminated? I have heard many people say this is a one time event - but that is not the case. I think with proper education will come a favorable outcome. Thank you - Carolyn Flaherty

Stephanie Waldeck

I think the schools are in desperate need of this if the money can go to them (and also public safety). I am not sure how they have managed to survive with the cuts they have had to take over the last few years. It is short sided to only consider what it will cost per year. Once the school is considered sub-par, no one with children will want to move there. Since the town seems to be more housing than anything else I think that is incredibly important. No one wants to see their property values go down any more. $230 or $19.17 a month is not really that big of a sacrifice for people who can afford a $400,000 house. It's one less run through McDonalds a month and it is a whole lot less than Private School.
I will be requesting my absentee ballot today. Stephanie Waldeck

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