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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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Stephanie Waldeck

I am very pleased for the town of Wrentham to have secured some additional money for the next fiscal year to help the Wrentham Public Schools, Police & Fire Departments and Town Nurse. This is a great start in keeping the essential town “foundations” from going away entirely. These things are what make a town stable and makes people want to live in Wrentham. It is why we chose to live in Wrentham.
I could not have been more disheartened that the debt exclusion did not pass-not because the town didn’t want it per se, but because most people didn’t bother to show up and vote. Perhaps a non-vote is a vote as well, but shame on the people who will now complain about the town, school, and fire & police departments.
I cannot understand why people who no longer have children at home, or never did, don’t want to make things better for the town. How can they not see that a good school system is the primary reason people move to a town? Not just because they have children but because of what it does to the property values. It is a simple 1 + 1 = 2 formula. Even most people without children know their resale value is dependent on it how good the school systems are.
I wish there was a clear-cut solution for more tax revenue or areas to cut but there don’t seem to be any. It has been like a giant game of chicken for years now and something has got to give. Until the town as a whole is ready to allow some types of businesses that will generate tax revenue, we are going to have to make some sacrifices elsewhere, namely through taxes.
The Stabilization fund has been a short-term solution for the last 3 years. That is no way to plan for the future and no way to have to run a school or town. There will be more votes for different solutions and possibly the same ones again.
Please, if you care about Wrentham or even just yourself and your property values, get yourself educated on what the options really are. It’s not too early to start preparing for next years budget crisis, which will be here before you know it and realizing what the few current options really are and not be scared by the propaganda and decide for yourself.

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