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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Chris Milici

Surprised Residents Now Holding Two Weeks of Trash.

You can imagine the surprise some residents had this week when the American Waste trucks were heard rumbling down the streets of Wrentham on the regularly scheduled pickup day this week.

With the federal Christmas holiday being Monday, December 26, most everyone expected a day delay on trash pickup. But that was not the case, and the lack of communication from the town of Wrentham on the issue has many residents stuck with an extra week's worth of trash.

And that could be a significant amount, considering many hosted holiday parties or meals over the weekend.

The dilemma is now forcing residents to either buy Wrentham trash bags or hope their extra trash will be picked up next week curbside.

On my street, residents were seen running to the curb to try to beat the trucks as they came speeding by - speeding by because there was no need to stop as none of the homes has trash or recyclables waiting at the curb.

I did not make it - I only managed two of my six bins of recyclables this week - and no trash.

Will the town respond with better communication and free excess trash pickup next week? We will see.

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